The Clemensens have been dancing with the law since the 1990s

December 30th, 1992

State targets Othello boarding school - 1992-12-30State targets Othello boarding school – 1992-12-30 30 Dec 1992, Wed Tri-City Herald (Pasco, Washington)

Agape faces closure in Washington as early as ’92. This article references their previous campus in Stockton, California.

Department of Health Investigators found the following issues:

  • The facility needed many repairs, lacked a central heating system, and space heaters were being used for warmth
  • Criminal background checks were not requested for staff members.
  • James Clemensen had experience with the California Highway Patrol but no theology or teaching preparation. Bryan Clemensen had experience working in group homes in California, had completed the Accelerated Christian Education System, and had some college training
  • The facility lacked the necessary qualified teaching staff to carry out an educational curriculum.
  • General housekeeping and sanitation were poor
  • Sleeping-room doors were locked from the outside and there were uncovered electrical service panels, broken glass, garbage, building debris and improper wiring.

Clemensen began trying to rectify these issues, including filing for a well permit.


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